Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dedicated to all the FAKERS!!!

Well the subject itself just makes anybody think "what if it was UC instead of A".. ;) Yes that was the same thing which came across my mind a short circuit and decided to actually term them in both ways. I am sorry if I am not a person who does not consider as a talent "to fake" but yeah people say it is. Maybe cos I am pessimist in this matter and I do not have this talent at all. Wherever you go you would see this being practiced. WOW seems to be more important than air and water and oxygen in ones life!!! I see it right now, just next to me happening the same old story of faking!!!

Just put me off so bad, is it me, no I am sure. It just not me at all, there would a lot of people around who would hate these FAKERS! so all you people, who read this and for a moment while reading this think to themselves, Have i faked it?? Lol sounds funny and creepy.. ;) I know let me just rephrase it again "have you ever tried "not be yourself, just to impress someone or just for the sake of it?". And when I ask you think I expect you to think true, cos this is just to you. And if the answer comes YES, then think why did you ever do that?? And if your mind replies anything there then comment or else please do not bother yourself, cos I hate Fakers!!!! :P

Monday, May 30, 2011

Is it too much to ask for???

Little dreams and little aspirations would never make one person illogical even though those things are not aspired. Is it? Give it a thought?? Well when I look at it I feel there could be a lot of external factor for not aspiring the same. I hate to admit one of the such kind would be ME!!! I have been researching on a lot of things in and out for almost an year in search of fixing up mind on one. Even though I have a very rough idea of what I aspire, I could make out that what I need is FREEDOM, freedom to do anything in my one life I have.

My aspirations are high according to a lot of people around and very silly to another bunch of them. I wish I did not have to give a damn about such things but to my failure and incapability I do and definitely annoying I am giving up on my dreams and very less I can do about the same. There is not much to feel pity for this, no one wants to be treated so. So what I chose to be this way, its no harm and no ones business if I still aspire what I want!!! I have aspirations, I dream and I am glad that I am normal!!! :P

Monday, April 4, 2011

Time does make a difference!!!!

Being in love and moving away from a wrecked relationship needs time. As far as I know everything be it a feeling or an action changes with time. You might have wanted to do something today but you did not and when u turn around and think of doing it tomorrow you might not be either in need of that or be in a position to do that. I also wanted to do something long time back or for that matter to be precise wanted to take some major decision long back. I kept postponing it for various reasons that when finally the chance came I was in no position to take that decision. I was in a mess, a real mess. No track of how it all happened, how it got so difficult to make that same decision of which I was very confident of a few months back? When I sat back and thought about it all alone staring at my mail box, as I had written the "decision" in my mail box under drafts ;)which is no longer there, I realized that the situation got different, priorities got different, people changed, lots of additional factors got involved and thus my decision was squandered by me. :( things change with time. People say wait for the right time for the right opportunity to take the biggest decisions of life but I would say take the decision whenever required or whenever you think its is to be taken. Do not wait for the right time, right time is made it never comes by itself.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weird Doubts!!!

I have been thinking that why do people celebrate their birthday and then they say that they do not want to grow up!!!! Well, ha ha but one of them is me.. ;) I wanted this day “my birthday” to be the best because I was going to celebrate my silver jubilee of life. My 25 years, my spent 25 years. Like I wanted, it went as the best day of my life, with the best people around and the best moment spent with them. A cherished one. I had my share of fun, probably more than what I thought I deserved. Before continuing I thank you..  Well let that “you” be a little secret!!
Anyways, coming back to my question why do people celebrate and then be sad of growing old. I have been researching on this one for a long time, and I have asked around the same. The kind of answers I have received can be categorized into following departments: Funny, weird, true, and sensible. Well, one of my friends said that we are sending of one year and looking forward to the other so we send of previous one happily and welcome next but we r sad because we miss the previous year. Found this one funny and cute!!! Another friend told me we are happy for the year to pass but get sad cos half way thru we realize that we haven’t done much in life!! I found that weird. Then another answer was that we celebrate for fun and feel sad cos we know another year to bear with!! Wow totally insensible to me. But I am sure there will loads of people who would disagree with me at this point. Ha ha ha!!! Anyways, between the researches I could not find what my reason was, sat down listened to my favorite song relaxed, thought the very next day of my birthday, Am I really upset? Well, I was upset not cos I turned 25 but because the surprise is all over, the wishes is all over, the showering of gifts was over, excitement of friends wishing me was over, remembering me by a lot of people was over, importance level came down, chance of being privileged I mean “birthday privilege” was over like “arey aaj iska birthday hain, aaj chod dete hain”. The fact that for all this to come back I have to wait for one whole year. That is what makes me sad.  I find this reason more sensible and reasonable than any of the above. He he!!!
Aaah.. I am feeling so much relieved after finding out my reason for being sad soon after my birthday. Now, I have grown into the fact that I have to wait for one whole year. Now it’s better and I am no longer sad. Looking forward to the next set of surprises.. 
Hope my research was well done and up to the mark for u guys as well. I believe knowledge and thoughts are to be shared to be best utilized, I know doesn’t make sense!! ;)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Still trying to figure what had happened? Shot term memory loss or I was on some thinking mode.
Well, today morning after my morning walk, I came home and was sitting online. Suddenly my dad asked me to go buy him a bottle of Dettol. I stopped what I was doing and took some money and got out of ma house. The shop is two minutes from my house. I started walking in that direction. I was thinking of something when I started from, I seriously do not remember what. I walked, walked and walked. I do not remember what all I saw. I was not there, I am sure of that. Suddenly a car honked real bad that I turned back to shout and saw myself stranded on the middle of the main road and I was walking to nowhere. I could not believe myself. I was not carrying ma cell phone. My parents got worried because it was almost half an hour I was outta ma home to get a bottle of dettol from the shop which is just two minutes from ma home I was so in a shock the I gulped to myself and froze there on the middle of the road. I just could not move or think. It took me two minutes to realize that I should move from the road and get back on ma way home. I do not know what happened. Tried recovering., no use. Don't remember!!!! I have no idea how I took a turn to the main road. This was my lost 15 minutes of my life where I got lost , not in ma thoughts nor on ma way. Strange and scary. Well, finally I made ma way back home and told ma parents to calm down. I told them I was talking to one uncle who lives in the neighborhood which definitely relieved them from the tension but did not relieve me from mine.

I am still wondering what had happened. I am till thinking of where I had lost ma 15 minutes, I am still wondering how could I be so careless. It sounds weird to me but its scary.
Its scary!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Atrocious: first word came to my mind!!!

I was going through today’s newspaper when suddenly my eye caught on the Headline ‘Deoband fatwa: It’s illegal for women to work support family’. Felt a little shocking to me and thought to myself what is India doing to call themselves a most developing country in the present day world..It was ruled by Allahabad High Court that a non-Muslim woman must convert to Islam to marry a Muslim Man; otherwise, said marriage is declared void according to Islamic Law.
I remember reading it in one of the books that the civilization and culture of a country are judged by the status it bestows on the women. According to the upcoming norms laid by the government, in India the women are treated equal as men. Won’t such a judgment passed by Allahabad High Court prove it wrong? Or is it Muslim Women never considered part of our one big family- India?
Indian women are raised and recognized everywhere ‘If’’ they have made a representation for the country. But does it mean that the ones who do not represent are the only one to be discriminated?
Islam never says, according to my knowledge, to discriminate women and put them under circumstances where they are not fine. Even if they do, why does only India has to accept and react on it?
I am not writing this on argument basis but because its disheartening to know that in some or the other way India is also becoming a part in such laws. I just know, even before a woman is categorized into Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Parsi etc., we should realize she is a human being already having numerous restrictions and limitations, struggling a lot for her living and life. Why should we increase her worries? What have she done to suffer so much for this long? Even prisoners are set free but women, will they ever be free from such reasons, accusations etc?
I know this is not going to help but what if someone who reads it, think over it, even for a minute, has the capability to make a change, could take an effort and make that change. I do not think I am wrong. And I never meant to hurt anyone’s personal feeling.
But just think over it!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Would we realize someday, sitting by the window that at one particular point of time or instance we are all alone. Complete stranger to everyone. Nobody would recognize us or disagrees to recognize. Life is a journey as is put by everybody. There are times when you want someone to be beside you, but you wouldn’t be able to. There are times when you wished your best friends or the only friends could understand you and they don’t. There are times when you wished that you parents were around you to comfort but they won’t. All this would never mean that you are inconsiderate or selfish; instead it would mean that you mean that you care about those whom you expected to care. I might be sounding like a Lunatic here, but yeah a few minutes back I went through the same feeling and emotions. I watched this beautiful movie, RITU (Malayalam) which talk about a person who lived his whole life for his friends, his loved ones. Alas, late realization had put him through a lot of sorrow.
People change, yes they do... it’s just not with seasons. Life is a Journey, Life has to go on. But for those who cannot change, life is still a journey. Situation would be DO OR DIE. For me it is difficult to change, I love my friends and family as much as I used to. Having n number of friends also doesn’t help sometime.
I have been through the state of complete loneliness, sat by my hostels window many a time and have wondered what would life be if everything was the same, people, situations, things, etc. I must say that day I realized things have to change otherwise there would not be any thrill in living on. Few days back I realized a weird thing about myself. I am my own best friend as I give a priority myself all the time. I would not let myself get hurt or upset. That’s when I had a smile on my face, I can never be alone. I am sincere to myself and I know I have handful of loved ones and they are important even though their priority in life changes.
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