Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Atrocious: first word came to my mind!!!

I was going through today’s newspaper when suddenly my eye caught on the Headline ‘Deoband fatwa: It’s illegal for women to work support family’. Felt a little shocking to me and thought to myself what is India doing to call themselves a most developing country in the present day world..It was ruled by Allahabad High Court that a non-Muslim woman must convert to Islam to marry a Muslim Man; otherwise, said marriage is declared void according to Islamic Law.
I remember reading it in one of the books that the civilization and culture of a country are judged by the status it bestows on the women. According to the upcoming norms laid by the government, in India the women are treated equal as men. Won’t such a judgment passed by Allahabad High Court prove it wrong? Or is it Muslim Women never considered part of our one big family- India?
Indian women are raised and recognized everywhere ‘If’’ they have made a representation for the country. But does it mean that the ones who do not represent are the only one to be discriminated?
Islam never says, according to my knowledge, to discriminate women and put them under circumstances where they are not fine. Even if they do, why does only India has to accept and react on it?
I am not writing this on argument basis but because its disheartening to know that in some or the other way India is also becoming a part in such laws. I just know, even before a woman is categorized into Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Parsi etc., we should realize she is a human being already having numerous restrictions and limitations, struggling a lot for her living and life. Why should we increase her worries? What have she done to suffer so much for this long? Even prisoners are set free but women, will they ever be free from such reasons, accusations etc?
I know this is not going to help but what if someone who reads it, think over it, even for a minute, has the capability to make a change, could take an effort and make that change. I do not think I am wrong. And I never meant to hurt anyone’s personal feeling.
But just think over it!!!

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