Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weird Doubts!!!

I have been thinking that why do people celebrate their birthday and then they say that they do not want to grow up!!!! Well, ha ha but one of them is me.. ;) I wanted this day “my birthday” to be the best because I was going to celebrate my silver jubilee of life. My 25 years, my spent 25 years. Like I wanted, it went as the best day of my life, with the best people around and the best moment spent with them. A cherished one. I had my share of fun, probably more than what I thought I deserved. Before continuing I thank you..  Well let that “you” be a little secret!!
Anyways, coming back to my question why do people celebrate and then be sad of growing old. I have been researching on this one for a long time, and I have asked around the same. The kind of answers I have received can be categorized into following departments: Funny, weird, true, and sensible. Well, one of my friends said that we are sending of one year and looking forward to the other so we send of previous one happily and welcome next but we r sad because we miss the previous year. Found this one funny and cute!!! Another friend told me we are happy for the year to pass but get sad cos half way thru we realize that we haven’t done much in life!! I found that weird. Then another answer was that we celebrate for fun and feel sad cos we know another year to bear with!! Wow totally insensible to me. But I am sure there will loads of people who would disagree with me at this point. Ha ha ha!!! Anyways, between the researches I could not find what my reason was, sat down listened to my favorite song relaxed, thought the very next day of my birthday, Am I really upset? Well, I was upset not cos I turned 25 but because the surprise is all over, the wishes is all over, the showering of gifts was over, excitement of friends wishing me was over, remembering me by a lot of people was over, importance level came down, chance of being privileged I mean “birthday privilege” was over like “arey aaj iska birthday hain, aaj chod dete hain”. The fact that for all this to come back I have to wait for one whole year. That is what makes me sad.  I find this reason more sensible and reasonable than any of the above. He he!!!
Aaah.. I am feeling so much relieved after finding out my reason for being sad soon after my birthday. Now, I have grown into the fact that I have to wait for one whole year. Now it’s better and I am no longer sad. Looking forward to the next set of surprises.. 
Hope my research was well done and up to the mark for u guys as well. I believe knowledge and thoughts are to be shared to be best utilized, I know doesn’t make sense!! ;)
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