Monday, May 30, 2011

Is it too much to ask for???

Little dreams and little aspirations would never make one person illogical even though those things are not aspired. Is it? Give it a thought?? Well when I look at it I feel there could be a lot of external factor for not aspiring the same. I hate to admit one of the such kind would be ME!!! I have been researching on a lot of things in and out for almost an year in search of fixing up mind on one. Even though I have a very rough idea of what I aspire, I could make out that what I need is FREEDOM, freedom to do anything in my one life I have.

My aspirations are high according to a lot of people around and very silly to another bunch of them. I wish I did not have to give a damn about such things but to my failure and incapability I do and definitely annoying I am giving up on my dreams and very less I can do about the same. There is not much to feel pity for this, no one wants to be treated so. So what I chose to be this way, its no harm and no ones business if I still aspire what I want!!! I have aspirations, I dream and I am glad that I am normal!!! :P
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