Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dedicated to all the FAKERS!!!

Well the subject itself just makes anybody think "what if it was UC instead of A".. ;) Yes that was the same thing which came across my mind a short circuit and decided to actually term them in both ways. I am sorry if I am not a person who does not consider as a talent "to fake" but yeah people say it is. Maybe cos I am pessimist in this matter and I do not have this talent at all. Wherever you go you would see this being practiced. WOW seems to be more important than air and water and oxygen in ones life!!! I see it right now, just next to me happening the same old story of faking!!!

Just put me off so bad, is it me, no I am sure. It just not me at all, there would a lot of people around who would hate these FAKERS! so all you people, who read this and for a moment while reading this think to themselves, Have i faked it?? Lol sounds funny and creepy.. ;) I know let me just rephrase it again "have you ever tried "not be yourself, just to impress someone or just for the sake of it?". And when I ask you think I expect you to think true, cos this is just to you. And if the answer comes YES, then think why did you ever do that?? And if your mind replies anything there then comment or else please do not bother yourself, cos I hate Fakers!!!! :P
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