Friday, September 17, 2010

Still trying to figure what had happened? Shot term memory loss or I was on some thinking mode.
Well, today morning after my morning walk, I came home and was sitting online. Suddenly my dad asked me to go buy him a bottle of Dettol. I stopped what I was doing and took some money and got out of ma house. The shop is two minutes from my house. I started walking in that direction. I was thinking of something when I started from, I seriously do not remember what. I walked, walked and walked. I do not remember what all I saw. I was not there, I am sure of that. Suddenly a car honked real bad that I turned back to shout and saw myself stranded on the middle of the main road and I was walking to nowhere. I could not believe myself. I was not carrying ma cell phone. My parents got worried because it was almost half an hour I was outta ma home to get a bottle of dettol from the shop which is just two minutes from ma home I was so in a shock the I gulped to myself and froze there on the middle of the road. I just could not move or think. It took me two minutes to realize that I should move from the road and get back on ma way home. I do not know what happened. Tried recovering., no use. Don't remember!!!! I have no idea how I took a turn to the main road. This was my lost 15 minutes of my life where I got lost , not in ma thoughts nor on ma way. Strange and scary. Well, finally I made ma way back home and told ma parents to calm down. I told them I was talking to one uncle who lives in the neighborhood which definitely relieved them from the tension but did not relieve me from mine.

I am still wondering what had happened. I am till thinking of where I had lost ma 15 minutes, I am still wondering how could I be so careless. It sounds weird to me but its scary.
Its scary!!!!!


  1. whoooo.... scary...!! somewhat similar to the effects of party drug!! better b careful boss!! ;)

  2. No ya, It was not anything of that sorts. Come on. It was in the morning and no party dude..:P

  3. thnk god tht u din have to use dettol on urself that day :) stay safe!



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