Monday, April 4, 2011

Time does make a difference!!!!

Being in love and moving away from a wrecked relationship needs time. As far as I know everything be it a feeling or an action changes with time. You might have wanted to do something today but you did not and when u turn around and think of doing it tomorrow you might not be either in need of that or be in a position to do that. I also wanted to do something long time back or for that matter to be precise wanted to take some major decision long back. I kept postponing it for various reasons that when finally the chance came I was in no position to take that decision. I was in a mess, a real mess. No track of how it all happened, how it got so difficult to make that same decision of which I was very confident of a few months back? When I sat back and thought about it all alone staring at my mail box, as I had written the "decision" in my mail box under drafts ;)which is no longer there, I realized that the situation got different, priorities got different, people changed, lots of additional factors got involved and thus my decision was squandered by me. :( things change with time. People say wait for the right time for the right opportunity to take the biggest decisions of life but I would say take the decision whenever required or whenever you think its is to be taken. Do not wait for the right time, right time is made it never comes by itself.


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