Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Would we realize someday, sitting by the window that at one particular point of time or instance we are all alone. Complete stranger to everyone. Nobody would recognize us or disagrees to recognize. Life is a journey as is put by everybody. There are times when you want someone to be beside you, but you wouldn’t be able to. There are times when you wished your best friends or the only friends could understand you and they don’t. There are times when you wished that you parents were around you to comfort but they won’t. All this would never mean that you are inconsiderate or selfish; instead it would mean that you mean that you care about those whom you expected to care. I might be sounding like a Lunatic here, but yeah a few minutes back I went through the same feeling and emotions. I watched this beautiful movie, RITU (Malayalam) which talk about a person who lived his whole life for his friends, his loved ones. Alas, late realization had put him through a lot of sorrow.
People change, yes they do... it’s just not with seasons. Life is a Journey, Life has to go on. But for those who cannot change, life is still a journey. Situation would be DO OR DIE. For me it is difficult to change, I love my friends and family as much as I used to. Having n number of friends also doesn’t help sometime.
I have been through the state of complete loneliness, sat by my hostels window many a time and have wondered what would life be if everything was the same, people, situations, things, etc. I must say that day I realized things have to change otherwise there would not be any thrill in living on. Few days back I realized a weird thing about myself. I am my own best friend as I give a priority myself all the time. I would not let myself get hurt or upset. That’s when I had a smile on my face, I can never be alone. I am sincere to myself and I know I have handful of loved ones and they are important even though their priority in life changes.


  1. gr8 one dear...!! actually am a guy who loves loneliness... it unwinds me completely...

  2. i think thats one thing that keeps someone going. no matter what the trouble seems to be...

  3. U sound so much like me in the last para. :)


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