Monday, February 15, 2010

Why is the 24 hours in a day so short????

Damn!!! I cant believe, in few days, precisely 5 days I will have to leave my home after hols. Why? yeah its all my wish again..:) The days here are good, its winters, u just have to snuggle up in the blanket and you can just sleep for long hours. Mom won't be saying anything cos you don't get to do all this everyday. he he. So u r like this princess who just have to sleep, eat and get fat. I love that.:) But sooner or later the story has to end and you gotta get real. My ruling days just gets over on coming Sunday and I am back in ma real life. BORING and MONOTONOUS. But I guess the show must go on. Wish could be like this forever. But again when it comes to human behaviour everything starts to be monotonous after sometime so its always good to change your state of mind once in a while, which is exactly what I am doing. Relaxing and Refreshing. hmmm.. and this is why I feel that 24 hours in a day is short really short. Maybe its cos I am sleeping most of the time. Well what else would u do when its freezing outside and you are caught with cold.:( so Sleep Sleep Sleep.
:)It is fun to zzzzzz............ Its been real long. so bubye...I am going to zzzzzz.........

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  1. I am not so lucky in my you think you can pass-on some to me....I am from Bangalore and you dont have to publish this comment


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