Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

so here I am... today is Valentines day. so called "Day of Love". I am very sure that a lot of people would have had maximum fun.:P
This Valentines have not been the best but definitely better than what I had in mind. I just wished that it was as good as what it was in few years. I must confess that for past few years I have also had very good valentines and anti valentines celebration I have always been with my friends. so this time a li;l change of plans. I am at home. I must say the day didn't go as bad as I thought it would be. I actually started my day traveling through Metro which was fun, well my dad was there to accompany me.;) I had gone for an exam, which went well when compared to my preparations ;). I didn't even had the books to prepare:). so now you know what I meant before he he. Then I had lunch with my dad outside. So this is how I celebrated my Valentines Day. But the only sad part is that with all the fun I had, I am caught up with cold.:( Now this is because of my own mistakes who loved to believe that the winters in Delhi got over and did not wear any sweaters:P he he he
Thus, in toto i had an okay day.:) Its you who decide your days to be like.:)I decided mine today, went well.
Good Start Anusha!!

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