Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well I am Confused!!!

Yeah Yeah I am confused, I totally agree with it. Now would you not want to know why is that so? Yes that is cos I have always been having people around to help me guide in short ruin me. Well I have a good life all this while.There have been a lot of problems with a lot of people but still managed to survive well. But then again when it comes to making decisions, what if strikes there. Well that just doesn't end up well. For instance, this is a very simple thing, here me carefully, I wanted to write a blog long time back that is almost when I could manage myself a unlimited net connection which would be almost a year back. But still could only manage it now. Reason being the simple word lack of confidence. I started a lot of times and then deleted it always. One of the reason is that cos i always have the insecurity that I am bad at writing skills, bad at English. People would not appreciate instead they would humiliate with their comments on. Then one fine day i realized it doesn't really matter whether you are good at writing skills, blogging is what u have in mind and how you want it to be. It only matters if you could convey what you wanted to. This late realization made be begin this blog again which i call it SERENDIPITY. I do believe in it cos a lot of times it has happened to me. Life is unpredictable and no matter how bad it is there will some way you make it worthwhile. I guess I am in search the confidence within me. It was there i know and is still there, I just need to find it and set it right. I must say this blog has made me a li'l confident. wish I could show the smile on my face while concluding it to all. he he:) Thanks for all those who took time to read this. This might be bullshit, might be Senseless but its just the way I am.:)


  1. candid and unpretentious post...keep it going
    two hoots for what 'the others' might say
    its your space, so make the most of it
    cheers :)

  2. Wow... Interesting... Keep it up... Keep posting regularly and you will slowly improve your grammar skills in English......

  3. woo hoo..!! go serendipity...!

    pretty straight forward.
    nyaice maan.
    keep blogging.


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